How to Get Quick Savings from Several Different Stores and Brands

Becoming financially responsible may sound difficult, but it only starts with the smallest of steps. Start saving your money consciously. The first step is the hardest, but it gets things moving.

While shopping is our favorite sport, here at SaveWave, we also realize the importance of stretching a dollar and getting the best bang for a buck!

Still, most of us buy too much stuff and have a throwaway approach to consumerism. The trouble is those clothes, gadget and tools, all get old and need to be replaced in a couple of years!

Here’s what we do to ensure quick, effective savings while shopping:

1.      Sign up for free customer rewards programs

Local businesses including apparel and homeware stores are willing to reward their customers for shopping.

While smaller local businesses routinely advertise offers via email or even on the storefront, the bigger retailers do this by offering rewards credit cards.

If you shop at a store regularly, it’s a good idea to ask them for customer loyalty offers. Also, subscribe to email newsletters from stores you like to receive discount deals and exclusive offers.

2.      Stay on the lookout for secret deals

Emails and newsletters from big name brands and department stores often include unadvertised coupon codes, or online-only offers that are exclusive to their email subscribers. You will also get to know about Black Friday deals as well as friends-and-family promotions way before their in-store customers.

3.      Cash out when you can

When it comes to deals and offers, nothing beats cash discounts. Some new independent stores now offer 10% to 25% off the price if you pay with cash instead of credit cards. Don’t forget to ask store owners if you can get a discount for paying up in cash.

4.      Use an effective e-coupon strategy

Coupons aren’t only for grocery shopping! Your favorite apparel stores and restaurants – even art shops – offer savings via apps. But be careful of coupons because it’s easy to end up buying thing you didn’t need, just because you have a coupon that provides a great deal. Always check your SaveWave app for up-to-date deals before you leave to shop.

Have you downloaded your SaveWave app yet? Click here to start the download, or learn more about what we have to offer to Conejo valley residents.

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