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Unearthing Local Restaurant Deals Is Now Easier Than Ever

Food. It’s a weakness for some, and others find it a cause for celebration! If you are either of the two, chances are your restaurant bills are sky-high.

However,  your favorite restaurants, coffee shops and eateries offer some great voucher deals and coupons that you know nothing about. It’s no secret that menu prices are getting expensive, but the vouchers, deals and e-coupons available via our SaveWave app can help you save big at restaurants. Continue reading →

How to Get Quick Savings from Several Different Stores and Brands

Becoming financially responsible may sound difficult, but it only starts with the smallest of steps. Start saving your money consciously. The first step is the hardest, but it gets things moving.

While shopping is our favorite sport, here at SaveWave, we also realize the importance of stretching a dollar and getting the best bang for a buck!

Still, most of us buy too much stuff and have a throwaway approach to consumerism. The trouble is those clothes, gadget and tools, all get old and need to be replaced in a couple of years! Continue reading →